Candidate Membership

Thank you for your interest in joining GTSC! Candidate membership is designed to encourage younger surgeons and residents (US or International) to participate in Club activities. Candidate members must be enrolled in an accredited training program in general and/or thoracic surgery. Additionally, candidate membership is available to thoracic surgeons who have recently completed an accredited program in thoracic surgery but have not yet met the requirements for Active membership. Candidate members shall be entitled to the duties and privileges of Active members, except that they shall not have the privilege of voting, they shall not be eligible for election to the Executive Committee and are not eligible to serve as an Officer of the Club.

Applicants for Candidate membership must:

  • Complete the appropriate membership application.
  •  Send the Member Sponsor Form to one Active or Senior member of the Club or the Chief of Surgery if you do not know an Active or Senior member and ask that they complete/remit. This brief form replaces the need for a letter of recommendation. Without a completed form, GTSC cannot accept the application.
  • Must apply for Active membership upon both obtaining specialty certification in thoracic surgery by the American Board of Thoracic Surgery or the Royal College of Surgeons, or other official certifying organization approved by the Executive Committee, and have been in practice for a minimum of two years beyond the completion of formal training in thoracic surgery, devoting at least 50% of your practice to general thoracic surgery.

  • may not exceed a period of time greater than six years beyond the completion of an accredited training program in thoracic surgery.

It is hoped that surgeons and residents new to the field of general thoracic surgery will find the GTSC an excellent way to advance their career. If elected to Candidate Membership, yearly membership dues are $50, which is due at the time of application and is refunded if the application is denied.

Please contact with questions.

Are you a Candidate Member looking to transition to an Active Member? Candidate members can apply for Active Membership after completing formal training, practiced for two years, and obtained specialty certification in general thoracic surgery from within the country of their training. If you would like to transition your membership to Active Member, please complete the following tasks:

  1. Send the Member Sponsor Form to TWO Active or Senior members of the Club and ask that they complete/remit. 
  2. Please email your desire to switch to Active membership and note the names of the two sponsors you are sending the Member Sponsor Form to.
GTSC Executive Office:
1935 County Road B2 W, Ste 165 | Roseville, MN 55113
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