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For over 30 years, the General Thoracic Surgical Club (GTSC) has been the "Who's Who" of surgeons committed to the practice of general thoracic surgery. Becoming a member of GTSC means collaborating with prominent professionals in the field to promote excellence in research and the dissemination of research findings in the field of general thoracic surgery. 

GTSC Membership Benefits:

  • discounted registration for the Annual Meeting
  • access to the GTSC membership directory
  • all members of the GTSC will be included in the CTSNet membership directory, which includes prominent thoracic surgeons from around the world. 
  • free job postings on the GTSC website and e-mail blast to membership.
  • access to membership resources

To pay by credit card: Please renew your dues online by logging into the GTSC website in the upper right-hand corner of this page.
To pay by check: Please complete the below form and remit with check payment.
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Active Membership Information

Applicants must have spent two years in practice after completing their thoracic surgery residency training before applying for membership in the GTSC.  Membership requirements include a practice of at least 50% general thoracic surgery and thoracic board certification, either U.S. or a non-U.S. equivalent.  The Active Membership Application must be completed and signed by two active members of the Club.  A sponsoring letter from each of these two members verifying your interest and case load in general thoracic surgery, as well as supporting your membership, is required.  Finally, you must submit a list of surgical cases from the past 12 months, which must be validated by your Chief of Surgery.

If elected to membership, the initiation fee is $300 (U.S.) and the yearly membership dues are $395 (U.S.), both of which are payable upon receipt of notification.

Once again, we thank you for your interest in the GTSC.  If you have questions, please contact

Applications are reviewed monthly by the GTSC Officers. 

Candidate Membership Information


The GTSC now offers a new Candidate Membership category to encourage young surgeons to participate in Club activities.  The Candidate membership is designed for residents (national and international) in thoracic surgery training programs or surgeons (national and international) who have recently finished thoracic surgical training but have not yet met the board certification or two-year practice requirement for membership.  General surgery residents who might have an interest in general thoracic surgery are also eligible for Candidate membership.

The highlight of the GTSC is the annual meeting where the atmosphere is one of camaraderie, and all meals are included. Candidate members are entitled to all the privileges of active members except voting.  It is hoped that surgeons and residents new to the field of general thoracic surgery will find the GTSC an excellent way to advance their career. Candidate members can apply for Active Membership after completing formal training, practiced for two years, and obtained specialty certification in general thoracic surgery from within the country of their training.

The completed Candidate Member Application for Candidate Membership should be accompanied by a letter of support from the Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery or the Chief of Surgery at their training institution.  If possible, a sponsorship letter by at least one active or senior member of the GTSC is also suggested.  If elected to Candidate Membership, yearly membership dues are $50. 

If you have questions, please contact

Applications are reviewed monthly by the GTSC Officers. 

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